Everybody regardless of their sex will agree this is a seductive woman.

Some may argue that she’s not classically nor drop dead gorgeous, so what is it that she has?

One word answer, Attitude!

Although she’s doing plenty of other tricks too (we will discuss those later), but her attitude is what makes it all work. Seducing a man is more about mind than body.

Be a seductress!

You’re not competing with size 0 sex-symbols.

You’re fighting against a more powerful foe; the negative self-talk in your head.

Men are visually focused, we are certainly not ignorant to our mood and blind to the atmosphere surrounding us.

Most men (except barbers) won’t notice that your hair is due a cut; however most men (with average dating experience) will notice that you’re worrying about your looks a bit too much.

A casual guy won’t notice that your dress is creased; although, he will notice that you’re thinking about the ironing by the way you’re rubbing your fingers on it’s creases.

A truly experienced seductress does not care about how other women are feeling or giving her envious looks.

Her aim is to be the most attractive version of herself that she can.

She understands the basic psychology of men to know they don’t judge the way women do.

She knows that sexiness has very little to do with her physical appearance.

Sexy women love life, love themselves, and make men feel good.

So, armed with the right attitude in mind, here are some practical steps you can take.

Remember, what women think a man should find sexy, and what actually turns men on, are often two very different things, so let’s dig in.

A DIY guide to seducing any man!


Expose some skin!

Don’t jump to conclusions (just yet), I know we’re looking for a classy seduction rather than a couch casting session, but you can’t be too subtle.

Remember when you first met your boyfriend (maybe your ex now)?

You were showing blatant signs of interest, but he thought you were ignoring him.

Men are pretty dense when it comes to interpreting women’s signals.

Your goal here is to get him interested before you take anything off, but this doesn’t mean you should dress like a nun either (unless you’re doing such role play).

If it’s your second or third date, consider something slightly different from your first two. 

A gentle experiment, a variation on you rather than an unrecognisable you.

We talked about men’s needs in why men are always checking out other women, we suggest you read it later.

Leaving some skin exposed gets his mind moving in the right direction.

Leaving more skin covered makes him curious, and hints at pleasures to come.

Seductive rather than slutty, off-the-shoulder, with the hint that it might slip lower, is powerfully suggestive.

Personally, we think you can’t beat a deep backless dress for classy eroticism. 

So show whatever part you like the most and perhaps draw attention to it with a choker, anklet, layered necklace nestling low.

If you’re not up for revealing a little more than normal, there are other ways to show your body while keeping it covered.

Unleash your jiggly bits, throw those horrible shapewear / spanx in the bin

A man needs to be reminded there’s a real woman in front of him.

A tight thin top, making it obvious you’re not wearing a bra.

Breasts swaying naturally under a loose top.

Skin tight yoga pants.

Be confident: Trust us he’s with you, he desires you, he will like what he sees. An average Irish woman’s dress is size 16.

A DIY guide to seducing any man!

Set the scene!

  • On a night out with friends, return from the bathroom and stealthily push your scrunched-up panties into his hand.
  • In the check-out queue, slowly press your buttocks into him.
  • Sext him at work, describe what’s going to happen to him on your next date. “when i will see you, I’ll …”.
  • At the restaurant, bend forward to give him a view of all you’ve got. Be blatant, let him know you’re putting on a show, only for him. Watch him worship your body, gaze into his eyes when he finally looks up.
  • At a crowded party, walk by him and brush his arm with your silk covered breasts.
  • Watch an erotic film together; something intelligent and stylish.

A DIY guide to seducing any man

Use your mouth!

Not that way, not yet anyway!

Smile. A radiant smile when you first see him reminds him how important he is, and instantly cheers him up.

But in this setting think coy, mysterious, shy.

It’s as much in the eyes as the mouth.

Princess Diana used this smile to charm the world.

Our Tip:

Stand in front of a mirror and while looking into your eyes try out different smiles. Don’t listen to your brain telling you, you’re not a teenager anymore, grown women don’t do that bla bla bla…

Not only will it improve your sex life, it will make you more photogenic, and make you happier, don’t believe us? Try it for seven days, twice a day every day, after you wake up and before you go to bed.

Draw attention to your lips and tongue. Think:

  • teasingly running your fingertip
  • along full red glistening lips
  • your tongue-tip delicately
  • licking the rim of your glass

A DIY guide to seducing any man

Your body language!

Use everything you’ve got.

Eye contact just like smiling, eye contact establishes a bond between the two of you.

The few seconds of exchanged glances followed by a smile sends an unspoken message of sexual interest.

Look at him, and think dirty because he will read it in your eyes.

Play with your hair, a simple twirl of your head or wrapping you hair around your finger should do the trick.

Move into his body space briefly, and then move back out.

Light and gentle touches, nothing sends shivers down a man’s spine like the touch of a woman he fancies.

Let him watch, the only thing better than a woman’s boobs and ass, is her boobs and ass in motion. and every man on this planet would agree.

So let him watch that glorious body as you sway across the room.

It’s important that you stay relaxed although, it might be difficult while you’re concentrating on your moves. 

We suggest doing a trial run in advance.

On the night itself, give yourself a little ego boosting pep talk, and then stop thinking.

Be in the moment, let your ancient feminine instincts work their magic.

If you must think, think only of how much you want him.

Seduction is a game and you got to master it because it’s fun.

He will truly appreciate everything you do, so stop stressing!

A DIY guide to seducing any man

Make him feel like a man!

It doesn’t harm to state the obvious that straight men like women so revel in your feminine side.

Just for tonight, act weak on purpose and in need of protecting.

Note: We suggested to “act weak” not “be weak”.

You’re in charge here, you’re still calling all the shots so as a contrast to your femininity, build up what makes him different to you:

  • Snuggle into his broad chest.
  • Ask him to do some chores that involve physical work, then playfully squeeze his biceps.
  • Compliment and praise him genuinely.

A DIY guide to seducing any man

Be wild, be hungry!

Your mother might have told you to be ladylike and restrained, maybe you should when meeting his mother, but not tonight!

Tonight, you need to lose all inhibitions to become the sexy enigma he first met.

Most Irish men are usually slightly embarrassed by their sexual needs, and can feel ashamed if their woman doesn’t share them.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who surrenders to her own sexuality.

Let him see your desire by showing him how much sex you desire with him, now.

When you are out and about show your affection, show him and everyone else watching how much you want him.

You sexy thing!

So key points are:

  1. When he worships your body, let him.
  2. Tease him more often.
  3. Show your femininity while appreciating his masculinity.
  4. Every once in a while remind him of the goddess he first met (don’t over do it).

Beside everything we discussed the most important thing is your attitude, so repeat this:

“If I think I’m beautiful, then he thinks I’m beautiful!”

A DIY guide to seducing any man-min

Those beautiful ladies who are still single there are plenty of good men out there.

Like single available women,  men who are also single and available are searching for a partner who will love them and honour their needs.

When a man comes across a woman who is seductive he will find her completely irresistible. 

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