Let me ask you a question, well… In this story I will be asking you a bunch of questions therefore it’s better to put this disclaimer right at the very beginning so you what to expect while you’re reading it.

Is It better to have no one to text than to send her a long message, and then realise she read it twenty minutes ago and still hasn’t sent you a response? What do you think?

How about sitting at home alone on a Friday night watching Netflix than to head in the shower and get ready, only to have her cancel on you at the last minute? How would you feel about that?

Now picture this… Would you rather go out and have fun with your mates on weekends or would you rather put yourself on waiting list to see if she’s going to drunk text you looking to call over to your place for some sex and nonsense pointless drunken talk later on.

Is it better to have the freedom to flirt with other women than remain loyal to one, even though she’s been flirting with other men behind your back.

How about getting some rest that you need than to sit up all night, waiting for her next text to come through which by the way never does.

Is it better to have no one to think about or you’d rather chase after some girl who is playing the field, keeping her eye out for other options, just because she isn’t ready and doesn’t want to settle down yet?

Would you rather masturbate using own hand than to invest your emotions by getting and giving that sexual pleasure to someone who is only using you when she is itchy, even though she knows you want more from her?

Would you rather focus on your mates and your work than to spend all of your time analyzing the confusing texts she sent and the photos she uploaded to her Instagram?

Here’s some advice, you will save yourself from a whole lot of misery down the road by admitting that you haven’t found the right person for you yet than to convince yourself that a toxic woman is the woman you’re meant to be with.

You are special and you matter, you matter a lot to many people who care about you so give yourself the love you need than to give your whole heart to someone who won’t even  meet you halfway.

You’d rather be single then being in a complicated relationshipIt’s better to be “happy on your own” than being “miserable in a relationship.”

Being single is a terrible thing to waste on an “almost relationship” because “almost” isn’t good enough.

You know you deserve more, you deserve reliability, you deserve consistency, you deserve love and most of all you deserve loyalty.

So when you will come across someone who will make plans with you a week in advance then you will know that she values you and is interested in meeting you.

Someone who will answer your emergency texts, even if it’s two in the morning and she has to wake up for work at seven.

You deserve someone who is not only willing, but eager to commit to you. Someone who will dedicate herself to you and won’t have any doubt in her mind whether she’s making the right decision.

You deserve someone who will make you see that you’re worth a text back, you’re worth a relationship label, you’re worth all of her time and effort so that she can get all your attention in return.

You deserve so much more than an “almost relationship”. You deserve someone who communicates with you and tells you what she’s thinking, who gives as much back as he takes from you, who keeps her promise and never disappoints you.

Our Conclusion:

They say, behind every great man is a great woman, no doubt, but behind every man’s failure there’s also a woman, be careful and value yourself enough to weight out the deal breakers and not settle for anything other then the very best women who have your best interest at heart. 

#SHOUTOUT: Our note to everyone is that being single is a terrible thing to waste on a dysfunctional relationship so stay single until you find a relationship that is worthy of saying goodbye to your single life.

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