For an average looking Joe, dating in Ireland is somewhat competitive regardless of the dating apps that are available today.

The survey we conducted with single women living in Dublin area, within an age bracket between 22 – 26 showed Irish women from all walks of life spending their time swiping left over micro-suspicion just to avoid possible confrontation with predatory looking men, dick pics, bare hairy chests and other stuff so common to the world of online dating.

So what’s happening due to the after effects of so many men acting weird and stupid?

A vast majority of women are getting straight up hostile.

We stopped counting after reaching somewhere in the middle of triple digits, yes that many profiles of decent looking women warning in advance to refrain from sending a dick pic if they match some warning men to swipe left and get lost if they’re after a hookup, or if they have no job, or if they live at home with their mommy as if this species of men would be deterred by words written in a bio.

The problem with this is that decent men out there pay for the sins of those men. Have you ever heard of a term called the “herd effect” If one man does it, it follows that other men will too. If men made similar generalizations about women, the blowback would be severe.

So as a result, most women out there just don’t seem to care anymore. This is evident with half written profiles, half assed photos that even “Shrek” wouldn’t find appealing, not to mentioned those half hearted calls to join them on Instagram so they can suck your attention by you giving them compliments and hearts for free for virtually zero return, and then my new personal favorite the crazy Snapchat filter profile photos.

Like this puppy filter below:

(this photo is not taken from a dating profile)

So why this is the worst thing ever?

To all the women out there, we say this with all due respect, most of us men have no interest in dating a puppy or whatever this girl above is trying to be in her photo. Not to mention the other women looking like characters such as the Na’vi from Avatar, Why not show the real photo of who you actually are and what you will look like when you are ready to meet up face to face. Otherwise, what are we doing on a dating profiles looking at bunch of women with those fantasy animalistic filters?

Those men who are into such fantasy, they’d watch porn. How about an average  normal guy who decided to put up his self-esteem into a stress position and surrender what little confidence he has with the opposite sex by cold messaging strangers through a dating app. So, can you do him the smallest favor by not altering your images and turning them into half animal and half you? It’s not only creepy by also makes a guy wonder what else are you hiding that he haven’t spotted just yet.

There may be a variety of underlying issues with women who actually think that posting such photos especially as their “default profile photo” is their best foot forward. Whether body image issues or confidence problems actually exist is irrelevant. The truth is photos can tell their own stories if you let them, so it’s best to use those that are an accurate representation of who you actually are. And no you’re not a puppy.

Just to be clear, the problem isn’t that women are posting photos with Snapchat filters. But using Snapchat filters on their main profile photos.

Your dating profile is your social CV with a heavy emphasis on your visual representation. You don’t misrepresent facts in your actual CV. And it’s not okay to do that on your dating profile, either. 

You’re sending exactly the wrong kind of message to your potential matches when you mix and match your photo with some animal character. You are in-fact lying.

We don’t mean to say that women who use Snapchat filters actually have body image issues or low confidence. However when most men see a woman using a Snapchat filter as her “profile photo” that makes her look weird then “body image issues” is the first thing that comes to their mind. So as a public service, I’d like you all to know this is the message you’re sending. So pretty please with sprinkles and a little cherry on top, stop using those filters in your dating profile.

#SHOUTOUT: To all the single men of there, thank you for your cooperation.

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