As a man when you say something to a woman you fancy, your comments should be original and shouldn’t be one of those cheesy chat up lines that she has heard a hundred million times.

Your compliments shouldn’t only be geared towards her appearance but must also reflect her character, personality, and sense of humour, assuming you know the girl you fancy to some extent.

Her appearance & style

You can compliment her appearance by telling her things like she is the best, the prettiest woman you have ever met, and what she is wearing goes really well with her figure and that you love her sense of style.

Furthermore, if she wears false nails (nail extensions) tell her you can’t tell the difference add that in the mix, if she doesn’t wear nail extensions comment on their cool color that goes so well with her skin tone. How about her earrings, do you like them? She would love hearing all the good, positive comments for all the effort she’d put in and the money she spent on her appearance to look good 

Make sure that you are looking right in her eyes while telling her such things and say it like you mean it, because you do mean it, don’t you?

Women in general have a built in radar although some women might not say when they spot lies (as it ruins the moment) but they always know when someone is telling them something they don’t mean VS when something is straight from the heart and is genuinely authentic. 

FOR MEN This is how you compliment to melt any girl's heart!

Her sense of humour 

Women like hearing that they are fun because to them it means that they are capable of having great craic.

As soon as she will hear that she has a good sense of humour, that will lead to another compliment, and that is ‘she is also smart as well’ because funny people are really intelligent beings.

FOR MEN This is how you compliment to melt any girl's heart!

Hard working & talented

When it comes to work most girls are ambitious and targets driven, therefore it pays to know about her targets and ambitions.

If it’s a sport she is interested in then comment on her achievements in sport, and if she is good at work, then say that what she does and the way she does it fascinates you. If she is applying for a promotion support her, that will lift her spirit and give her much needed confidence. If she was recently promoted tell her that she deserved it because she is very talented and exactly the right fit for the role she is now in.

If she’s good at drawing, singing, dancing or acting do not hesitate to tell her that you truly admire her and appreciate what she does.

Every woman whether she is young, middle-aged or old likes to hear a compliment that she deserves and there is no harm in exaggerating a little bit as long as it’s positive and believable.   

These days women that look good are complimented almost everywhere they go. However nothing floats their boat and gives them butterflies more than hearing good things from someone that fancies them and it magnifies hundred times more if the woman really likes you too.

FOR MEN This is how you compliment to melt any girl's heart!

The way she sounds

This may not be classed as a talent unless she is a contestant on the X Factor but it won’t do any harm if you’d tell her that her accent is your favourite and her voice really sounds amazing and you just love hearing her talk. Most Irish women tend to talk a lot in general so this will only add you in her good books! 

FOR MEN This is how you compliment to melt any girl's heart!

Her hair

This is something most men rarely notice, however this can be a great compliment because women really, i mean really, care about their hair. However men usually only notice when there is a drastic change that wouldn’t even go unnoticed by the legendary Stevie Wonder! 

Compliment her regarding her hairstyle because that will translate that you pay a lot of attention to her and she will love and appreciate that.

Before we wrap up here are some bonus compliment examples, you must refrain from using them to a T because if you are reading these the chances are she may have already done so too.

  • You’re so gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about you. (make sure you can give her an interesting reply if she asks you for other interesting things about her, and she will)
  • I just love to talking to you.
  • There is something special about you that brightens me inside outward every time I see you.
  • You know what? Every time I look at you, you make me smile.
  • I would never change a thing about you.
  • Your imagination & creativity inspires me a lot.
  • Everything would be perfect if all the people in the world were like you.
  • I truly love and appreciate your honesty.
  • They say no one in the world is irreplaceable but to me you truly are one of a kind!
  • They say no one is perfect but when it comes to you, you are not only perfect  you’re  also complete.
  • You make me feel 10 feel tall and I want you to know that I am so proud of you! (throw that in if someone asks you aboutyourheight, if she is around she would love that)

With that being said we have come to the end of this post. Those beautiful people who are still single there are plenty of good men and women out there.

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