Community Guidelines

If you’re honest, kind and nice to others, you’ll always be welcome here, however, if you are not that type of person then you are not welcome on

Our goal is to enable users to express themselves freely as long as it doesn’t offend others members, we hold every user to the same standards.

All we’re asking you is to be considerate of others, always think before you act, and please abide by our community guidelines both online just as much as offline because your offline behavior may also lead to a permanent termination of your account.

We have outlined our community policies below and if you violate any of these policies, you may be banned from

We also encourage you to report any behavior that violates our policies should you come across one.


We have listed some informatory contents below including what not allowed on


Explicit Content

Alright, we don’t expect you to live in the 70’s nor that we are pressing you on using a proper grammar with correct spellings; but please keep it nice and appropriate for public consumption, we are still a little extra conservative in Ireland compare to other countries and if you don’t believe us try asking your mammy. Having said that, there should be no nudity, no sexually explicit content, and for gad sake please don’t express all of your sexual desires in your bio. Keeping it clean and classy will work wonders, we promise.

Stalking, Abuse & Harassment

Don’t engage, or encourage others to engage in any targeted abuse or harassment against any other members. This includes sending any unsolicited sexual content to your matches. Reports sent to of stalking, threats, bullying, or intimidation are taken extremely seriously (we may also contact Gardai to safeguard the victim).

Physical-Harm, Violence & Gore

We don’t tolerate violent, graphic, or gory content or content that advocate for or threaten violence of any sort, including threatening or promoting terrorism or any kind. Physical assault, coercion, and any acts of violence are also strictly prohibited.

Content that advocates for or glorifies suicide or self-harm is also banned on In such serious situations, we always take a number of steps including reporting and cooperating with the Gardai to ensure it wont happen again.

Sad Haters

Remember is all about finding love, making friends and new connections so any content that promotes, advocates for, or condones racism, bigotry, hatred, or violence against individuals or groups based on factors like (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disability, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity is not obviously not allowed.

Your Information

Please think before you act, don’t publicly broadcast any private information whether it’s yours or someone else’s (even if you know them well). This includes personal addresses, passport numbers, passwords, financial information of any sort or unlisted contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, home/work address, is not a place for naming and shaming anyone either.

Spam, Spoof & Unsolicited-Stuff

We cant think of anyone on this planet earth let alone Ireland who fancies anything remotely related to spam, therefore only real and genuine people are welcome on

Don’t bother using to drive our users to external websites via a links or otherwise, if you come across someone please take a screenshot and report that to us through our contact us link or report their profile to us directly from the app.

Solicitation & Self Promotion

Soliciting other users is strictly prohibited. There is nothing wrong in inviting your matches to something that you’re doing as long as you two are mutually interested, but if the purpose of your profile is to advertise your event or business, non-profit, contest, or to conduct research for whatever reason or purpose, that’s not what is for therefore this will get your account blocked permanently.

Although we appreciate you may be extremely excited about doing a gig next week but please don’t use to promote it.

Prostitution, Whoring & Trafficking

This one should be a common sense, right? Wrong! You would be surprised, it’s best to put it out there so promoting or advocating for any kind of sexual services whether they include any monetary gain or not is prohibited, human trafficking or other non-consensual sexual acts is also illegal and strictly prohibited which is why it will result in a ban and details being passed to the Gardai.

Scammers, Cons & Do-Overs

At we have a zero-tolerance policy on predatory behavior of any kind whether its in a form of gold digger or gigolo it’s simply not allowed. Anyone attempting to get other users private information for fraudulent or illegal activity may also be permanently banned.

Any user caught sharing their own financial account information for the purpose of receiving money from other users may also be banned, please think before you act.

Impersonating & Catfishing

Please don’t be a catfish! It’s only entertaining on TV, we are all unique in our own ways, so  be yourself without trying to impersonate someone else.

Do not misrepresent affiliation, connection or association with, any person or celebrity, even if Bono is your half brother, neighbor or hangs out with you every time he goes for a pint at Finnegans’s, by posting photos and telling that you’re a twin of Bono will not do any good for your own self.

We also do not allow parody accounts. While we think Dylan Moran is hilarious, you however are not Dylan Moran. And if you are, what are you doing on Aren’t you supposed to be in a pub figuring out how to finish that 18th pint while cracking jokes and having a good time?

Underage Minors is only for people who are 18 years of age or older, having said that, is not for minors. If you want to post photos of your children, please make sure that you must be in the photo as well.

If you come across a profile that includes an unaccompanied minor, encourages harm to a minor, or depicts a minor in a sexual or suggestive way, please report it to us immediately!


If it’s not yours, don’t post it! If your profile includes any work that is copyrighted or trademarked by others, don’t display it even if you are allowed to do so.

Illegal Usage

Don’t use to do anything illegal. If it’s illegal in Ireland, it’s illegal on

One Account Per Person

Accounts on cannot have multiple owners, don’t create an account with your friend or significant other.

Additionally, please don’t create multiple accounts.

Dormant Accounts

We believe is super fun to use all day everyday, if it was a vegetable it would surely be recommended as one of your five a day.

Use on the bus, use while waiting for kebab at 3AM. Use anywhere, anyway, even use it when in doubt!

Those who wont log in their account for 6 months (can you imagine), we may delete that account for inactivity, and that’s about right do you agree?


Closing Statement: In our Community Guidelines we used “think before you act” statement extensively it’s because we believe vast majority of problems are completely preventable only if people just take a few minutes to themselves and think before they act. Furthermore; at we reserve the right to investigate and/ or terminate your account if you have violated this Agreement, misused the Service or behaved in a way that is (impulsive) generally regarded as inappropriate or unlawful, including actions or communications that occur on or off the Service.