Ello.ie is a free dating app available only to the Irish market on both iOS (iPhone) and Android that allows users to view potential matches within their defined radius and age bracket ranging from 18 upto 100+ (yes everyone’s got the right to find love and be happy regardless of the age bracket they’re in).

Users can swipe right to “KEEP” a profile they are interested in and left to “PASS” if they’re not!

Ello.ie comes with several option to unmatch and delete other users, there is also an option to report people who may have been offensive, abusive, weird or just pure awkward, for more information on reporting click here.

Users with a profile photo of a garden, sky, scenery, animals, cartoons and chest should also be reported, profile photo showing anything other then users headshot is frowned upon

Ello.ie is targeted towards people aged 18 and over and have either a Facebook account and Irish phone number to join, although a sign up is also possible using only an Irish phone number.


# 1. Sign Up With Facebook:

If you choose to sign up using “Facebook Sign Up” option it is very quick because Ello.ie fetch all your details from your facebook account which saves you the pain of manually typing those in, such as:

  • Your Name (your first name is visible to users on Ello.ie)
  • Your Email Address (not disclosed to public)
  • Your Age
  • Your Gender
  • Your Photo (don’t be shy,  use your best headshot)

The only manual input thats required thereafter is your phone number and its confirmation code you can choose to receive via text message or whatsapp, this entire process takes an approx 15 – 20 seconds at best.

# 2. Sign Up Using Phone Number:

The “Sign up with Phone Number” is a manual sign up should you choose not to use “Facebook Sign up” then manually type your phone number and its confirmation code you can choose to receive via text message or whatsapp along with this information on each screen, such as:

  • Your Name (Your first name is visible to users on Ello.ie)
  • Your Email Address (not disclosed to public)
  • Your Age
  • Your Gender
  • Your Profile Photo (don’t be shy,  use your best headshot)

This manual process should not take you more than 45 seconds up until you’re successfully logged in.


Regardless of your choice for sign up with “Facebook” or “Phone Number” your personal information given to Ello.ie such as “Your Name” (your first name is visible to users on Ello.ie), “Email” (not disclosed to public), “Age” and “Gender” is the bare minimum.

You may upload more photos and choose your favourite one to be your main image, Ello.ie recommends using an image of yourself possibly a headshot.

Once the photo part is out of the way you can write a little about yourself or leave it blank this is where most people get creative while others leave it blank, we suggest you to go with our first recommendation.

When you sign up we automatically assign you with the opposite sex but Ello.ie is “LGBT Friendly” app, you may change the gender you’re interested in along with their age and distance range, once your settings are saved you will see profiles matching your settings that you have selected at this point you’re ready to swipe!


If you tap on someone’s name while viewing their photo this will bring up their full profile.


If you’ve “Kept” a profile of a person by swiping to the right or they’ve “Kept” yours, whoever swipes last to the right, you both get a match. You will both get the notification and then it’s up to one of you to make the first move.


One of the new features Ello.ie has recently added is called ‘Favourite’ that’s when you really like someone more than, well….. usual. You swipe them upwards although the number of “Favourite Swipes” to upwards is limited to 2 per day in a bid to avoid annoyance to other users.

IMPORTANT: When you “Favourite” someone by swiping them upwards they get a “Push Alert Notification” even if they have never seen your profile, they can choose to view your photos simply by tapping on your profile and then respond. If they swipe you to the “Right” (to keep you) or “Upwards” (to favourite you) in both cases there will be a mutual “Match” and you will be notified as well.


Ello.ie has released a series of safety guidelines, citing user safety as our first priority.

The app advises to never give out personal information such as credit card numbers, bank information, or work or home address.

We advise our users never to respond to any request to send money, especially overseas or via wire transfer as well as by other means.

Keeping conversations on the Ello.ie platform is encouraged as ‘Scammers’ will try to move the conversation to text, personal email or phone conversations in a very short time after it begins.

You can contribute to keeping Ello.ie safer by reporting suspicious accounts so we are able to review the activity and if necessary block them from using our Ello.ie network, you can also contact us here to report such user along with their profile screenshot.

So love is in the air? We have all been there at some stage in our lives. Before meeting anyone in person, it is advised to really get to know that person online while using our app.

When meeting up, always meet the person in a populated, public place, never in a private or remote location, and certainly never at your home.

If your date puts pressure on you to go back to your place or theirs, end the date and leave. It’s also important to tell friends or family members of your plans and when and where you’re going to meet your date. Make sure you have your mobile phone charged and within your reach at all times.

Organise your own transport in case things don’t work out. We recommend staying sober during the date as consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs can impair your judgement and potentially put your safety at risk.

It’s important to keep a clear mind and avoid anything that might endanger your safety, should you decide to indulge in drinking alcohol keep an eye on drinks which could be spiked with mind-altering substances.