Welcome Everyone! Ello.ie is a place where we are always busy ensuring that it is easier and straightforward to connect you with new people around you. 

I couldn’t be more proud, today Ello.ie is three months old since its launch that took place on the 23rd of August and I must acknowledge that we are growing faster than I had imagined. However, good things don’t come without bringing some serious responsibilities along. 

Having said that, we are on our way to creating a platform that allows you to be who you want to be and love who you want to love, therefore we are expanding “Gender Identities” as part of our next coming push and we hope this will be more inclusive for you and your expectations from Ello.ie.

With every new push update, you will notice that we are continuously making changes by improving our apps so our members can feel they are acknowledged and welcomed when they are connected to our apps and at the same time making sure that all our changes remain completely transparent to you, Please keep an eye on Ello.ie Heartbeat & Change-log here so you can see what has been updated and what new features changes are introduced in our new push update. 


At Ello.ie we care about you, we want your experience of meeting new people to be smooth and seamless, this is one of the main things our “Team Geek” focuses on a daily basis. We understand, in order to create a great user experience, a change of perspective is needed. Instead of assembling your journey out of different stages, we are putting your journey at the center of our Apps our “Team Geek” is responsible for taking care of your journey from start to finish. Team Geek is an interdisciplinary team that possesses all the skills and resources required to develop and integrate software solutions into the apps throughout your journey. This team is well able to generate a significantly better Ello.ie experience for you because there are no coordination requirements, waiting times, interruptions caused by governance from the outside of the team, or any other dependencies between teams.


We are constantly working to better integrate inclusivity into every part of our Ello.ie Apps and we strongly believe that “lasting change starts from within,” therefore we started it first by putting together our “Team Angel Gabriel” to provide your help via live chat through facebook around the clock 7 days a week and I’m thrilled to share the news about “Team Angel Gabriel successfully completed their training for “Customer Care & Support”  to provide you with answers, they are ready to look after any concerns or questions that you may have regarding Ello.ie.


Our Ello.ie apps are 100% free to download and use with no sneaky catches what so ever. We are on a journey to find and match you with new people around you, therefore, we need you to report issues, problems, bugs, app crashes and everything in between that you believe is causing a problem for you.

We truly believe that feedback is a gift and it would be great if you could tell us about the features you would like to see included in our future Ello.ie updates. You can tell us here.


Got your own Ello.ie story? Don’t be shy, share it with us here.

I would like to ensure you personally that we are genuinely committed to making our Ello.ie Apps a place where you feel welcomed, regardless of your“age, color, national origin, citizenship status, disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and your gender identity.”  therefore we would like to encourage you to report if you encounter any strange, suspicious and/or weirdly odd behavior, Ello.ie has a zero-tolerance policy for those who chose to engage in such activities.



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