How can you find true happiness? It’s a question you asked or at least have imagined many times in your life, well… You’re not alone!

Many people spend their lives searching for the answer to this very question, some even go through life believing the right loving relationship will open the gateways to eternal happiness while others believe it’s only when they will get their dream job, not to mention those who fall victim to western ideology believing happiness is reserved only for the thin and beautiful.

Looking to find true happiness Avoid these misconceptions.

The idea of a happy and meaningful life has become unnecessarily complicated in today’s world, some argue and say that happiness is all in your DNA other say it depends on their bank balance, but the truth of the matter is that happiness is by-product of everyday choices and actions that we make and take..

Don’t believe me yet?

There are simpler, well-researched, and effective things every one of us can do to create greater happiness in our lives and in the lives of those we care about.

The essentials that are required for a happier life are not rocket science, people who are happier do four basic things that make all the difference.

Those people put majority of their focus on the “positives” which allows them to cope effectively with changes that are inevitable in life, they also develop strong relationships with like minded individuals and pursue meaningful goals.

You too can also become happier by putting your efforts into those areas.

One of the first steps we can take is to get past some of the common misconceptions that can stand in way of achieving happiness.

# Getting the big things right!

Did your ever hear what they say about “Saving money” you take care of pennies and notes will take care of themselves?

When it comes to life its the little things that matter the most, happiness is not about getting those big major things right and in order, it’s natural to think that if you were suddenly rich, beautiful, and living on the beach somewhere, you’d be happy.

But that type lifestyle will have a surprisingly small impact on your over all happiness after some time.

The happiest people are most often not those in the most enviable circumstances, but those who cultivate positive emotional outlooks and actions.

So how can you do it?

Take some time to practice optimism, gratitude, kindness, and self-compassion in your life.

The cumulative effect of such choices will have a tremendous impact on how you experience your life.

# Suppressing negative emotions…

Its a common myth, that happy people suppress negative emotions, therefore you should too!

In reality they actually experience sadness, problems, grief, worry, and other so-called negative emotions nearly as frequently as unhappy people do.

So whats the difference?

The difference is in “reaction” when something bad happens. 

Happier people experience negative feelings without losing hope for the future.

They allow themselves to feel sad, angry, or lonely and take action while remaining confident that things will eventually get better with time.

As a result, their sadness progresses into hope and action rather than regressing into anxiety and despair.

# Pursuing happiness is self-centered! 

This is one of the biggest myth!

Our happiness is determined more by the relationships we develop with other people than by any other single factor.

The happiest people build their lives around good, trusting people.

If other priorities are getting in the way of your relationships you should take immediate steps to shift the balance back to where it will really make a difference.

# You’ll be happy once you’ll achieve your goals! 

It’s true and so is the fact that it wont last long either!  

When you achieve you long sought ambition, that wonderful sense of accomplishment and happiness seems to fade faster than you’d expect and that’s just the way our brains work.

Pursuit of goals is at the core of happier life, most of the happiness we get from striving for goals comes while we’re making progress toward them, not after we achieve them.

Therefore it’s vital that you choose goals that are in sync with what you love and value in life, it will ensure that you will make a conscious effort to enjoy those along the way.

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