So what is a deal breaker, exactly? A trait in your potential romantic partner that outweighs any positive attributes they have in general.

Usually, they’ll show up early in your relationship, but in some cases, you might not come across one until things have already gotten quite serious between the two of you.

While a “red flag” is more of a warning or concern that you should dig in deeper to find out, a deal breaker is another level beyond that.

Regardless of how happy such a person makes you, or whatever level of attractiveness or desirability they are on, if they possess one or more of the following  traits, you should think long and hard about whether if this relationship is a good idea after all.

Now, the final call whether to stay in or run for the hills rests upon you. It’s important to know the longer your relationship goes on, the harder it will be to break it off.

In this story today we discuss the very obvious deal breakers for most men out there so if you catch sight of one of these deal breakers early on and your partner seems unwilling to work on changing their behavior, it might be better to cut your losses and move along a whole lot happier.

So we rallied up our male single mates and asked them what their deal breakers were, ranging from their twenties all the way up to their forties and this is what they shared with us in terms of what they won’t tolerate in their relationship, we admit we learned a thing or two in this process and hopefully, you do too.

# 1. Dishonesty

The top trait that most (if not all) men look for in a woman they’re dating is kindness now having said that the number one they avoid like the plague? well… its Dishonesty!

 Any kind of dishonesty including but not limited to lying, failing to disclose, or concealing anything should be an immediate deal breaker according to most single men. It turns out Men are equally sensitive to lies about age and marital status as women.  Most men seek a woman they can trust since they will be investing their time, energy.

If a woman gets caught even with a small lie it signals to a man that she capable of lying to him therefore he should not trust her as she might be hiding more lies that he has not yet discovered.

# 2. Bad Hygiene

For most men out there, good personal hygiene is just a way of life though we all skips a shower, forgets to floss, or sleeps in sheets that are overdue for a good washing now and then. How bad could it be? but if you are Irregular with:

  • Brushing or flossing your teeth;
  • Cleaning your nails (including  extensions);
  • Showering or bathing;
  • Going to bed with your makeup on;
  • Changing bedding;
  • Wearing the same bra or underwear everyday;
  • Washing your hair;

Obviously these hygiene deal breakers were in top of most men’s head that we asked so the list is in no way exhaustive, hygiene is crucial: “Good teeth are important,” he says, “as are clean fingernails. In fact, I consider those non-negotiable.” 

# 3. Lack of Manners

No girls you don’t have to bow down to your man when he shows up on your first date and every time thereafter. Also using phrases when due like “Nice to see you” or “Nice to meet you” and “thank you” when due. We must point out, talking to your friends on your phone, even if it’s via text, makes your man look disconnected and bored on a date so if a woman can’t stay off her phone while on the date, that’s it. It’s a deal-breaker for most men because it shows a woman lack some serious manners and lack respect for the man she is on a date with. See How To Keep Your Man Happy

# 4. Being a Vegetarian

We dared to mention this one just because quite a few men said they simply won’t date a woman if she is a vegan its because because being with someone, what is important to them will often become important to you, not to mention being unable to take women to their favorite steakhouse gives the impression that vegan women are too rigid to date.

# 5. Smoking

This is also worth pointing out, most (non smoker) men that we spoke to said smoking cigarettes is a filthy and dangerous habit that is definitely a deal-breaker for them.

Interestingly, a few (non smoker) men agreed to date a smoker but only with the hopes of getting them to quit!

Although there are men out there who will tolerate bad breath and second-hand smoke just to be in a relationship with a woman while for others it’s a complete waste of time and starts the relationship off with the need for someone to break a habit which makes it a deal breaker!

# 6. Excessive Drug Use & Partying

Women who are life and soul of the parties need not apply, say most single men. Most men believe that no matter how open-minded men can be, if they let women who have toxic addictions into their life, they’re inviting a whole range of other issues along with them.

Women who wants to party and take drugs invest very little or no time in a relationship together, clubbing most night getting drunk and high as a kite while only worrying only about the next party and high can be flakey and men find it difficult to trust such women considering trust to be a basic foundation of any relationship so If a movie night at home is a deal breaker for her, then that’s a deal breaker for for most men.

# 7. Unresponsiveness

This is a generation where most people are glued to their phones for Candy Crush and tons of other addicted games out, most men believe if they cant get a quick answer to their texts or calls within a few hours, they’re going to assume they’re done. And that brings up ghosting, which is having someone that you believe cares about you disappear from contact without any explanation whatsoever.

No phone call or email, not even a text. It’s not new, but it’s attracted quite a bit of attention in the advent of modern online dating, which make it easier to disappear on someone without a trace. Few things are more confusing and potentially damaging than just disappearing, especially after several dates.

In this day and age, if you drop out of sight, your date is going to assume you’re ghosting. A DIY Guide To Seducing Any Man

# 8. Negative Nancies

Most men out there cannot stand neganators. This comes up a lot in online dating. If a man comes across a profile outlining things women hate about men or what has frustrated that woman about online dating, before it even mention any positives, sorry you won’t make the cut even for a first date.

Another way a woman can express negativity is by speaking ill of others. There’s no one less attractive in any given room than the person who feels the need to put others down. See What Most Men Want In A Relationship

# 9. Mind Readers 

Most men out there are not mind readers! A woman who expects her date to be a mind reader is not only going to be disappointed, she’s going to end up dumped.

If you’re unhappy about something and don’t say so, don’t expect it to be magically understood and fixed. Most men also can’t tell when a woman is holding a grudge, so if a men crosses a line, a women need to tell him. If he apologise, you need accept it. If you get your apology but still decide to carry venom anyway, that’s a complete deal breaker for most men.

# 10. Time & Space

Most men need man-time at least once a week, so they must be left alone to watch television, head out to a pub, meet up with friends, read, or do nothing at all. If a woman can’t give a man at least that much don’t-interrupt-man-time, then it’s a deal breaker for most men.


# Drama Queens

If there’s too much drama involved in woman’s life, whether its from family members or her ex, it’s exhausting, guys that are good looking with plenty of options has no time or energy for for such episodes, so being overly dramatic is going to be a deal breaker for high quality men.

# Nosey Friends

If a woman makes a choice of allowing her friends to be overbearing especially if she allows them into every facet of her life and to make her decisions for her, it’s a total deal breaker. Some friendships aren’t good for either party or their significant others. Your Family Or Friends Don’t Trust Your New Love Choice? Here’s Whats To Do…

Our Conclusion:

Depending on a man, these factors certainly don’t have to be deal breakers in a relationship, but they can be for many.

For couples who are already together, some of these issues can certainly be improved through progressive communication. So it’s important to point out, just because something may seem like a dealbreaker at first, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one. See Top 5 Things Irish Women Find Unattractive In Men

What are your deal breakers? Let us know, Click Here.

#SHOUTOUT: This research was conducted in Dublin and Cork involving 53 single men ranging from their early twenties all the way up to early forties, we compared and cross referenced their answers to produce this story therefore these core values will obviously be different for everyone, so it’s important to take all data with a pinch of salt. But it can be interesting to consider why someone might have some or most deal breakers in common.


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