You may be able to score dates but then they never text or call you back, later you realise that they don’t want to see you again, now if this happens too frequently, the problem is not them… it’s you! There are a lot of possibilities and we are going to discuss the Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men.

So these below will give you clues about what you are doing wrong.

1. Johnny you’re negative!

No one wants to be around a negative nancy, because just like yawning, negativity is also contagious.

When a person always seems to be on a downer, it causes people around them to feel the same way.

Other ways negative vibes are picked up by constant moaning, worrying, saying positive things and negating them by using the word ‘but’, and just having a pessimistic attitude in general.

It’s tough for most people, let alone a woman you just met to look over negativity.

This is indeed a pretty strong reason for most Irish women to find you unattractive.

Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men!

2.Your sense of entitlement!

A sense of entitlement by definition means having the belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privilege over others.

You may think what does that have to do with any of this?

We beg to differ because it has a lot to do with women finding you unattractive.

Time and again we come across men whose sense of entitlement is the only thing standing in their way of lasting love.

It’s one thing to have standards and values, however, it’s a whole other thing to believe you deserve something because you think you’re some sort of special dude.

Every person needs to feel valued and important, in your case however your sense of entitlement certainly goes overboard.

Most men nowadays think and feel they are so special that no one is ever good enough for them but this is not the case.

Most of the time entitlement comes as by-product of jealousy if not anger.

Women are very clever beings when it comes to sensing such things.

You must understand the difference between ‘what you deserve VS acting like the whole world belongs to you’.

Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men!

3. You brag too much!

Ok it’s not the self-promotion that we are talking about here, it is bragging!

When you brag about yourself to women, you say things like:

  • Oh I’m very good looking!
  • I make a lot of money!
  • All of my exes have told me how great I am in bed!
  • No one knows how to satisfy a woman like I do!
  • So on and so on… 

The problem is that these statements (even if they were true) sound obnoxious and snobbish.

They make you look egotistical, and most Irish women don’t want a man who is egotistical and vain.

Don’t try to impress them only by talking about what you have and can offer them because you will be opening a door to all sorts of gold diggers and wrong people to get in and that’s not something you want, or is it?

Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men!

4. You don’t know what ‘patience is a virtue’ means…

They say ‘patience is a virtue’ and whoever said that was definitely talking about women.

Maybe you get all worked up if someone passes you on the wrong side of the road and you display your road rage as a result.

If a woman is seeing you with hopes of a potential relationship, impatience would be the last thing you want her to see.

It signifies to her that you see your self as the most important thing in your own little world and that you expect everyone to bow down to you.

People sometimes just get on each others nerves and it’s a part of life that things happen and people make mistakes but a women would definitely think that you’re an impatient person in general.

Although there definitely are limits to peoples patience, however; you want to display your limit as generous as possible.

Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men!

5. You’re a lazy ass!

Will you show up on time when you said you would?

Can others depend on you?

If you are not sure or you don’t then your flakiness is one of the biggest reason women don’t find you attractive.

All women picture their future with you as their partner and they believe if they can’t depend on you now, they shouldn’t depend and trust you later either.

People who are untranslatable end up being a real pain in the neck for others.

In a partner, most women (and men) out there look for someone who can carry the same weight in their relationship.

People, especially women don’t want to be with someone who they see as a lazy ass.

This doesn’t mean that they need a man who has businesses running and is wealthy, most Irish women believe it’s more important that their future man is hard working and ambitious.

By being lazy you are putting out that you are happy being complacent.

Top 5 things Irish women find unattractive in men!

With that being said we have come to the end of this post.

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